Skinner fourth-graders place in French contests



VanMall — Students from Skinner Elementary Montessori School took high honors in a National French Contest. Students competing in three levels made it to the top ten in the nation and swept the regional tests.

First-grader Layla Holmes took first regionally as well as nationwide in the first through third-grade level. Bridget Kasch took first regionally in the fourth-grade level and Dahnik Timchenko took first regionally in the sixth-grade level.

Other students participating were Alexandru Andrei, Nicholas McKinney, Spencer Ozgur, Jack Reynolds, Raymon Rodriguez, Griffin Kasch, Jenna Childress, Gavin Farrand, Ben Kearney, Owen Yamashita, Caer Brion, Igor Timchenko, Maddox Edwards, Timofey Timchenko and Justin Pilgrim.