Letter: To reduce violence, secure borders



In response to Heidi Yewman’s June 15 letter, “Washington scores low on guns safety,” to purchase a gun from a dealer at a gun show you must go through the same procedures and background checks as at any retail gun store. The 10th Amendment indicates that buying a gun at a gun show is no more a legal loophole than is buying tires at any retailer.

Those familiar with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence know that their real goal is to outlaw ownership of firearms to all citizens. Though their numbers are few, they are heavily funded and have an extremely powerful lobby at the federal level.

People unhappy with the enumeration of powers in our Constitution use falsehoods and disinformation to persuade us that our Constitution has become “living” or “flexible. They need to understand that to do so makes our freedom and liberty equally flexible. Sadly, many progressives are willing to live with that. I’m not.

If the Brady campaign wants to stop the deaths of 85 percent of those being killed by firearm violence, let them put their lobbying energy into seeing that our borders are secure from drug smugglers and build enough prisons to house felons who carry guns and market drugs.

Larry D. Ball