OR Zoo caracal gives birth to 3 kittens



PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Zoo is singing the praises of a caracal named Peggy, who recently gave birth to three healthy kittens. Senior Africa zookeeper Asaba Mukobi says Peggy is protective, makes sure all three get fed and “sets boundaries for the kittens now that they’re moving around.”

Peggy is a first-time mom and zookeepers monitored the new family closely via remote camera for several days after the June 8 birth. While mom and the kittens are still spending their time in a behind-the-scenes area, the zoo says the kittens’ father, Cricket, remains on exhibit.

Caracals live in the woodlands and savannas of North Africa, Southwest Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. While the animals are not considered in major peril, hunting and habitat loss pose risks to wild populations.