Letter: Preserve intent of Central Park plan



A few years ago the city of Vancouver established Central Park, a 600-acre park extending from I-5 to East Reserve Street, and from Fourth Plain Boulevard to state Highway 14. The primary intent was to protect the open space as well as the cultural and historical significance of the area. Now comes two boondoggles that do neither, yet seem to have support of local politicians.

The 600-700 space parking structure for the Columbia River Crossing is clearly in conflict with the park’s goals. Not only is a multistory structure out of character with the park, this proposal will result in excessive traffic being dumped into the area causing the nearby intersections failing to function as designed.

The proposed baseball stadium has absolutely nothing to do with the historical or cultural significance of the park. To top it off, the whole idea of me being taxed for going to a movie or concert to pay for the stadium is repugnant. The very small minority in the community who want to watch second-class baseball need to find someplace else to do it, and pay for it themselves.

Likewise, the Clark County commissioners and the Vancouver City Council need to stop jumping at proposals from special interest groups and start listening to the people.

Roger L. Morley