Letter: Preventive shots keep us all healthier



I read the June 15 letter, “Consider effects of vaccines,” from Juliette Semro, who is against vaccines. I remember when polio was taking down people with its devastating crippling, if they even survived. I remember my cousin, coughing and whooping so hard, she collapsed on the floor, from whooping cough. My husband’s aunt died from tuberculosis. My kids all had the measles, and had to miss a lot of school. Many older people now, who had the measles, get shingles, which is very painful, if they don’t get the shingles vaccine. I had a friend with diphtheria who had to be hospitalized.

The reason this young lady and her family haven’t gotten sick is probably because of all the people who have been vaccinated over the years, thus preventing the spread of the various diseases.

Viola Crawford