Man convicted of exposing himself to bikini baristas




A Vancouver man was sentenced Wednesday to 35 days in jail for exposing himself to bikini-clad baristas at a coffee stand.

Robert F. McClaflin, 21, pleaded guilty in Clark County Superior Court to felony indecent exposure. As part of an agreement with prosecutors, McClaflin will also plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of indecent exposure and receive an additional 55 days in jail, said defense attorney John Terry.

Terry said the plea agreement will allow McClaflin to be on supervised release for two years and continue with his psychological-sexual treatment. Indecent exposure is not classified as a sex offense, meaning McClaflin will not have to register as a sex offender.

“I think it was everyone’s opinion that this was a mistake that can be stopped and turned around,” Terry said Wednesday after the hearing.

Prior to sentencing, Deputy Prosecutor Jeannie Bryant told Judge Diane Woolard that McClaflin has shown a pattern of flashing others.

The charges relate to two incidents at the same drive-thru coffee stand, Twin Perks, in the 4900 block of East Fourth Plain Boulevard.

According to court documents, on March 26, a barista told police that a man in his 20s came to the coffee stand in an Isuzu Trooper. He ordered a coffee and then exposed himself, she told investigators.

Then on the afternoon of April 7, a man with a similar physical description came to the coffee stand and ordered a coffee. As the barista prepared the drink, she noticed that he was exposing himself, according to court documents.

In both cases, the baristas said the man didn’t speak while he was flashing them.

Police were able to trace the incidents to McClaflin because one of the baristas obtained his license plate number. Both woman later identified him in a lineup, according to court documents. He was arrested in May and has been in jail since.

Because McClaflin had already been convicted of indecent exposure prior to the Twin Perks incidents, his latest conviction was classified as a felony.

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