Letter: Elevate education to proper status



A June 18 story, “Bloodied by the budget ax,” detailed the story of Lauren Lackaff, a hard-working high school graduate who will not be receiving a two-year scholarship due to budget cuts in the Legislature. A June 19 story, “Sons make a man out of dad,” detailed the hard road to recovery of a former addict, Shaynne Goodwin, and his award of a two-year scholarship to Washington State University Vancouver. Does anyone see the irony of this besides me? While I applaud Goodwin’s return to being a contributing member of society and understand that this wasn’t easy, is the jail route the only way to get a scholarship?

I’m deeply concerned about the Legislature’s cuts to education. We are in the midst of the worst recession my generation has seen. Educating our most precious resource, our children, will generate new ideas and new ways of doing things. Every resource we have, from kindergarten to college, should be spent on teaching and learning.

I want the Legislature to go back into session to see that the money Lackaff was promised is given to her and every other deserving graduate. I want the Legislature to elevate education to its proper status. If we don’t do this, what’s going to be available to every other child in Washington’s educational system?

Vickie Noyes