Letter: Pure anti-Semitism initiated



The June 18 headline, “Proposed circumcision ban not cut and dry issue,” is quite out of place. The comic book “Foreskin Man” described in the story was not characterized strongly enough by Marc Stern of the American Jewish Committee. It is a “comic” that despises Jews and their traditions as Nazi propaganda did in World War II. This comic tells us the motivations of the people behind this initiative. It is pushed by those who hate anyone and anything Jewish, and those who don’t believe in God and wish to enforce their beliefs on those who do.

I suggest supporters of this ballot initiative in San Francisco to ban circumcisions read Genesis 17, where God tells Abraham that circumcision is the sign of the covenant between God, Abraham and his descendants. The covenant is for the everlasting possession of the land of Canaan. Those who break the covenant by not being circumcised are expelled from the covenant. So those who support this measure are trying to come between the Jewish people and their God. This is nothing but raw and naked anti-Semitism. Backers of this initiative are also sponsoring a version of this initiative in Washington. May it suffer the death it deserves.

Neal Brenner and Ruth Wagner

Battle Ground