Letter: Off-road vehicles disturb neighbors



Inside the city limits of Vancouver, we have an “unofficial” motorcycle, ATV and off-road vehicle racetrack with more action than the Washougal motocross racetrack. When property was cleared for a proposed Wal-Mart store on Fourth Plain Boulevard, left behind were huge piles of dirt that has become the local racetrack.

My family and I can hear the sounds of off-road engines, music and partying all hours of the day and night on this property. We have counted over 25 off-road vehicles on the property on weekends and many are from Oregon.

Last year we contacted Mayor Tim Leavitt, city council members, code enforcement, Vancouver Police, Wal-Mart and Nutter Corporation excavation. We made all these contacts again this year and again no action to stop this nuisance. Many of these vehicles are not legal to ride anywhere except in off-highway vehicle designated areas, but they are OK in our neighborhood?

James Roberts