Weather Eye: Summer unlikely to heat back up this week



One day of summer weather on Tuesday and now back to springlike weather! We couldn’t even squeeze out one full day of blue skies and sunshine. Lots of fog in the morning then increasing clouds and very muggy conditions in the afternoon. If we had clear blue skies we probably would have reached the upper 80s.

I do not foresee anything in the 80s this week for sure. We may have some showers or drizzle off and on the next four days. And into early next week we remain status quo except we could see scattered thunderstorms mainly over the mountains and some muggy conditions. Temperatures will remain in the upper 60s warming to the low to mid-70s Sunday through Tuesday.

Posting on my Facebook page Tuesday in recognition of the first day of summer, I began a list of words beginning with the letter “S” as in summer. These came to mind: “Summer, shorts, sandals, and short-sleeve shirt. Sunshine, snowcones, sprinklers, sunglasses, slip n’ slide, strawberries and swimming.” Dan Hein of Camas added “sawing, splitting and stacking” and Krista Wigginton of Battle Ground added “sweating, slushies and sunburn.” Jackie Beyea of Vancouver chimed in with, “strolling, sand, slurping sweet smoothies and sunning (on a) skiff.” I like to call these Short Summer Similes. But alas, as Beyea added, “It is a little hard to think this way now that we are back to chilly weather.” And so it goes. Summer seems so surprisingly seductive.

OK off the S words, but it just reminds me that we can certainly talk about the weather, which we do in good fashion in this column, but little can we do to change it. The old saying that goes, “If you don’t like the weather just wait a while and it will change.” And change it does, unfortunately, we are getting short (sorry) changed on the vitamin D this year.

Pat Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at