C-Tran adds real-time bus information



Vancouver, WA: C-TRAN has launched NextRide; a new system providing riders with estimated real time bus arrivals for every C-TRAN bus stop. The technology is based on GPS information which tracks the bus’ current location and its rate of speed to give an estimated arrival at the passenger’s bus stop of choice. Passengers can:

  • Use NextRide while waiting for a bus.

  • Use NextRide during inclement weather to minimize the time spent in the elements!

  • Use NextRide to see if there’s extra time to finish up a work project!

NextRide will benefit existing as well as new C-TRAN riders as it minimizes the need for printed schedules. NextRide not only provides the arrival of a bus in real-time, but it also provides the next four scheduled arrivals at that location plus any future scheduled arrivals on a date specified by the user. If passengers want to know what time a bus is scheduled to arrive at a specific stop one week from today, they have the option to request that information.

“We’re proud to offer such a useful tool for our riders giving them easy access to information they need to keep moving in an increasingly mobile world. If you have a phone, you have your NextRide.” stated Jeff Hamm, C-TRAN Executive Director/CEO.

It’s easy to use NextRide:

  1. While waiting for the bus, simply call (360) 695-0123 and choose “Option 1.”

  2. When prompted, passengers can enter their four digit stop ID number found on their bus stop sign. (There’s no need to worry if a bus stop doesn’t have an ID number yet. Passengers can follow the prompts and let NextRide locate the bus stop ID for them, or passengers can request their stop ID number by calling C-TRAN’s Passenger Service Office or visiting C-TRAN’s Web site).

  3. NextRide provides the estimated time a bus arrives at that stop, based on GPS real-time information. It also provides the next four scheduled arrival times which are published in the route’s schedule brochure.

Special note for C-TRAN express riders in downtown Portland: Due to radio signal limitations in the Portland bus mall from the tall buildings, the estimated bus time arrivals are intermittent, meaning in many instances, the message will default to the next scheduled arrival. C-TRAN will work to correct this issue later this year.

C-TRAN is the regional public transportation provider for portions of Clark County. It offers local bus service within its Clark County service area, Limited bus service to the nearest MAX light rail station, and Express commuter service to downtown Portland. It also provides Connector service within the city limits of Camas, La Center, and Ridgefield. For more information on C-TRAN please visit C-TRAN’s Web site at www.c-tran.com, or call Passenger Service at (360) 695-0123.