Letter: Herrera Beutler true to her word



Kudos to Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas. I am very pleased on Herrera Beutler’s voting record on supporting and creating sustainable jobs for Americans, a balanced budget, protecting the most vulnerable among us, securing our borders, E-Verify and a countywide vote on light rail and tolls. The overwhelming majority of citizens in our 3rd Congressional District applaud her efforts.

Shame on Vancouver’s Mayor Tim Leavitt for not honoring his word when he ran for mayor on no tolls on our bridges and freeways. Leavitt has been disingenuous about his anti-tolls campaign pledge. The citizens of Clark County have had it with politicians who say one thing and do the opposite when elected.

Residents deserve a vote when it comes to issues of this magnitude. Clark County Commissioners Marc Boldt and Steve Stuart have also fallen short on allowing our citizens a vote on light rail, tolls and home rule charter after they promised on numerous occasions that they would.

Chuck Miller