Vital statistics





Claudia Grace and Cristian Nedelcu, Vancouver, a girl, Madelynn Eva, May 23, 6 pounds, 8 ounces.

Suzanna L.V. and Brian M. Visocky, Vancouver, a boy, Mayson Keahi, May 26, 5 pounds, 7 ounces.

Tami B. and Andy L. Wright, Vancouver, a boy, Baxter C., June 16, 8 pounds, 11 ounces.


Ami M. and Michael R. Justice, Vancouver, a boy, Dominick Michael, June 16, 7 pounds, 7 ounces.

Nicole and Brandon Rosenlund, Battle Ground, a girl, Maia Nicole, June 14, 8 pounds, 10 ounces.

Jill and Jack Sarkinen, Yacolt, a boy, Jared Jack, June 20, 9 pounds, 6 ounces.

Inge-Lise B. and Tyler A. Williams, Vancouver, a girl, Harlow, June 14, 10 pounds, 14 ounces.

Marriage dissolutions


Crawford, Melanie and Scott. Woman’s name changed to Melanie Lynne Winters.

Coppinger, Joseph Henry and Yasuko.

Duvall, David F. and Denise E.

Forsberg, Katie M. and Eric G. Woman’s name changed to Katie Marie Green.

Kendel-Schaefer, Mary Lee, and Schaefer, John C. Woman’s name changed to Lee Kendel.

Maksem, Kelly A. and Damon J.

Micu, Daniela and Teofil. Man’s name changed to Teofil Ciorba.

Wilson, Tami Lyn and Paul Clayton.


Rawson, Janet and Doran Lee.


Bevington, Wenda Lynn and Randall Scott.

Brubaker, Susan Dawn and Larry Dewayne.

Burck, Levi C. and Jessica R.

Captian, Patricia Ann, and Porter, Bruce Edward.

Casteel, Daniel and Amanda.

Coleman, Richard D. and Sandra.

Davis, Ann E. and Leonard C.

Ethington, Ellen Marie, and Mann, Nathaniel David.

Ferguson, Darren J. and Candyce L.

Green, Ronald Stuart and Yvonne Kay.

Highley, Kathleen J. and Jaben E.

Jacques, Courtney Leigh and Anthony Bernard.

Jiang, Chang Teng, and Chen, Jingji.

Kanoff, Travis and Kathleen.

Langley, Robert J. and Ellen M.

Lotze, Renna G. and George F.

Nyholm, Robert and Marci.

Pinon, Ruby and Lara, Joel.

Ramic, Muharema and Senad

Riley, Craig and Sally.

Rutherford, Robert and Seiko.

Sosa, Angelina, and Rodriguez, Raymundo.

Trowbridge, William Albert and Marney Jean.

van Tol-Schram, Carrie Anne, and Schram, Faron Cody

Vargo, John Anthony and Caryn Lee.

Walseth, Cynthia Ann and Dale Gregory Sr.

Wegener, Margaret Geneviene, and Shepherd, Veron Lee-Roy.


Edwards, Frances and Michael.

Marriage licenses


Alexander, David Thomas, 26, Brush Prairie, and Lobey, Mallory Leeann, 21, Kalama.

Anderson, Timothy Duane, 51, Vancouver, and Phillips, Mariama Tene, 39, Portland.

Freeman, Jarrod Elliot, 31, Vancouver, and Myers, Erin Leann, 27, Vancouver.

Garrison, Daniel James, 35, University Place, and Zarosinski, Abigail Marie, 24, University Place.

Hovis, Brian Scott, 37, Beaverton, Ore., and Neff, April Marie, 38, Portland.

Johnson, Dale Allan, 43, Vancouver, and Furiya, Shasta Danell, 40, Vancouver.

Limas-Nunez, Mario, 43, Portland, and Hernandez, Yadira Mendez, 34, Portland.

Mansfield, Charles John, 49, Vancouver, and Fraley, Lisa Jo, 47, Vancouver.

Meade, Randy Francis, 28, Ridgefield, and Stolberg, Allison Dorece, 27, Ridgefield.

Miller, Dillon James, 24, Prosser, and Anderson, Megan Nichole, 25, Prosser.

Miller, Kipp Anthony, 44, Vancouver, and Al-Muaibid, Ashley Ceira, 23, Vancouver.

Monnin, David Paul II, 35, Portland, and Atkins, December Withington, 31, Portland.

Prichard, Lon Alan, 34, Valdez, Alaska, and Blume, Brittney Lynn, 22, Vancouver.

Runkle, Thomas Wayne, 52, Vancouver, and Rolbiecki, Joan Marie, 49, Vancouver.

Stump, Troy Aman, 21, Carson and Neisler, Nicole Ann, 21, Carson.


Dickson, Jonathan David, 27, Tacoma, and Schober, Erica Nicole, 23, Vancouver.

Doolittle, Cody Lincoln, 24, Battle Ground, and Thompson, Jaclyn Rae, 24, Battle Ground.

Lacey, David Hiatt, 43, Vancouver, and Wittelsbach, Laurel Blythe, 48, Vancouver.

O’Claire, Clayton John, 47, Portland, and Dozier, Dee Ann, 50, Hines, Ore.

Richardson, Craig Brandon, 23, Vancouver, and Miller, Cassandra Michelle, 23, Vancouver.

Robinson, Jonathan Everett, 19, Vancouver, and Monroe, Olivia Anne, 21, Vancouver.

Tremaine, Christopher Matthew Makanaokalani, 25, Vancouver and Kizer, Jennifer Renee, 30, Vancouver.

Do, Dung Van, 40, Vancouver and Nguyen, Dung Kim, 35, Vancouver.

Vidal, Cesar Antonio, 41, Vancouver, and Leon, Lorena Gladys, 39, Vancouver.

Waite, Michael Allen, 62, Vancouver, and Wright, Jane Suzanne, 61, Corvallis, Ore.


Henderson, Joshua Aaron, 26, Vancouver, and Decoteau, Crystal Marie, 24, Vancouver.

Hinderliter, George Lester III, 30, Vancouver, and Putnam, Shelly Marie, 24, Vancouver.

Hoover, Daniel Walter, 23, Moscow, Idaho, and Stewart, Natalie Brynne, 22, Brush Prairie.

Gladis, Nikoliy Alexeevich, 25, Portland, and Caterniuc, Tatiana Alexandr, 19, Portland.

Lillie, Brandon Wayne, 26, Salem, and Upton, Elizabeth Angelina, 30, Salem.

McGrew, Cody Robert, 20, Vancouver, and Mears, Jennifer Leigh, 20, Vancouver.

McMannis, John Marvin Jr., 59, Vancouver, and Vanneste, Victoria Lee, 49, Vancouver.

Merrill, Kevin Robert, 32, Vancouver, and Harrington, Jamie Elizabeth, 29, Vancouver.

Schmeusser, William Karl, 23, Battle Ground, and Ek, Melina Diane, 20, Battle Ground.

Serns, Dustin Joel, 23, Irving, Texas, and Perry, Caitlin Mackenzie, 22, Vancouver.

Voropay, Daniil Pavlovich, 22, Vancouver, and Lebedinski, Tatyana Aleksandrovna, 19, Vancouver.

Court sentencings

The Columbian’s policy is to publish all Clark County Superior Court felony sentencings, as provided by the Clark County Clerk’s Office. DC signifies that the defendant has entered drug court. Addresses are provided by the courts and may have changed by the time of sentencing. Misdemeanor sentencings, provided by District Court, are published for the following crimes: DUI (driving under the influence), DWS/revoked (driving while license is suspended or revoked), theft-3 (third-degree theft), and assault-4 (fourth-degree assault). If the defendant is sentenced for other misdemeanors at the same time, those offenses are also listed. Money figures represent fines.

Judges: Roger Bennett, John Hagensen, John Nichols, James Swanger, Ed Poyfair, Barbara Johnson, James Rulli, Vernon Schreiber, Robert Lewis, Richard Melnick, Darvin Zimmerman, Diane Woolard, Scott A. Collier, John Wulle, Greg Gonzales, Kelli Osler and Sonya Langsdorf. Judge Protem: Terry Vetter. Court Commissioners: Carin Schienberg, Amy Swingen, Alison Greene, Suzan Clark, Dan Stahnke, Clayton Spencer, Jeff Witteman, Mary Arden and Kristen Parcher.


Kolomiyets, Sergey Alexander, 16, 4532 N.E. 292nd Ave., Camas, 15 days, 12 months’ probation, 24 hours’ community service, Burglary-2. (Stanke, June 16).


Bringman, Victoria Scholtes also known as Scholtes, Victoria, 51, address not available, 25 months, burglary-2. (Nickels, June 17)

Dawson, Deshawn Laray, 28, address not available, 366 days, possession of stolen property. (Woolard, June 20)

Gray, Jeremy Reed, 38, no address, 59 days, possession of amphetamine. (Lewis, June 20)

Hollis, Graig Jesse, 54, address not available, 366 days, possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. (Woolard, June 20)

Hopkins, Troy Cecil, also known as Sadler, David, and Pestrikoff, Paul, 40, address not available, 43 months, attempting to elude police vehicle, possession of stolen motor vehicle, possession of methamphetamine. (Woolard, June 20)

Knight, Eulos Cesar, also known as Miller, Derick, 34, address not available, 29 months, assault-2, theft-2. (Woolard, June 20)

Perez, Edgar Jamie, also known as Olivares, Jamie, 38, address not available, 17 months, kidnapping-2, assault-2. (Woolard, June 20)

Schafer, Jennifer Ann, 22, address not available, 24 months, possession of methamphetamine and delivery of methamphetamine. (Nickels, June 17)

Ward, Richard Charles, also known as Ward, Jake and Rite, Jacob, 30, address not available, 45 months, two counts felony domestic violence court order violation. (Woolard, June 20)