Jury visits home of Ohioan charged in 11 deaths



CLEVELAND (AP) — The jury in the trial of a Cleveland man charged with killing 11 women and hiding their remains in and around his property has visited the three-story home, which is strewn with women’s clothing and smells of mildew.

Jurors walked through the fenced-off home of 51-year-old Anthony Sowell (SOH’-wehl) on Monday before opening statements in the high-profile case. They had masks over their mouths and noses and wore protective coverings over their shoes.

Journalists who accompanied them say the house was in disrepair, with a dead rat in the basement and dirty dishes and clothing visible to those passing through it. A high-heeled shoe sat atop the microwave.

Sowell passed on the chance to join the jurors. He has pleaded not guilty and faces the death penalty if convicted.