Letter: Our silence enables the abusers




In his June 19 letter “Showing respect will earn same,” Larry McCagg is absolutely right. I, too, am concerned by the disrespect shown the office of President of the United States. I know that it is only a minority of folks who do that, and I support their freedom to express their opinions, but I am disturbed by the silence of the majority who have a differing opinion. By remaining silent, we give the appearance of agreeing with everything that noisy minority says. It’s time for the majority to end our silence, stand up and say “Hold on, that’s not truthful.”

I’m disturbed by the number of times in these letters to the editor, and in the opinion columns, that some facts are ignored, others are stretched and unsubstantiated assertions are put forward as truth. But I am appalled by the times these unsubstantiated assertions are allowed to stand without challenge.

To that vocal and strident minority who distort the facts and seek to mislead others, I urge you to tell the truth, the whole truth. And anything else, please clearly identify it as your opinion, not as fact.

To that silent majority, I urge you to question those facts, challenge those assertions, write your letters and state your opinions.

Morry Secrest