Letter: Trail damage was preventable



As reported in a June 21 Columbian story, “the only damage from flooding reported in the Vancouver area is to the waterfront trail near Tidewater Cove.” Two years ago, the Tidewater Cove Homeowners Association informed the city of Vancouver that the bank in front of the waterfront trail was eroding. Nothing was done. The city’s response was, “Let’s wait and see what happens.”

Fast-forward to June 1 when Vancouver city officials were informed of the first signs of undermining of the trail. It was suggested that sandbags be placed along the river bank to keep the wave action and river velocity from doing expensive damage. The city’s email response on June 7 was, “In our engineers’ opinion, the cost associated with a temporary measure such as sandbagging is not prudent at this time.” The city of Vancouver was not proactive.

A section of the trail near Tidewater Cove is closed and will likely remain so for the next two summers. The city has done a very poor job of detouring walkers and bikers, which has resulted in damage to private property. Once again, taxpayers pay the price for mismanagement and incompetence.

Robert Smith