Vital statistics





Karen L. and Brad W. Williams, Battle Ground, a girl, Maya D., June 19, 9 pounds.

Marriage dissolutions


Alburger, Jansen S. and Adam A.

Alexakis, Daniela and Nicholas.

Allen, Chasity Rae and Michael Robert.

Anderson, Nikki Leigh and Jacob Emanuel.

Bainard, Stephanie and Aaron. Woman’s name changed to Stephanie Austin.

Bernhardt, Angella Tana and Roger William Jr. Woman’s name changed to Angella Tana Bilderain.

Bommarito, Kathleen Michelle and Michael. Woman’s name changed to Kathleen Michelle Ford.

Clegg, Andrea, and Crissman, Gary.

Convery, Merry Beth and Ken Gene.

Cooper, Michelle Susan and Carl Jr. Woman’s name changed to Michelle Susan Robinson.

Daw, Keri M. and Zachary R.

Fettig, Todd Lee and Jennifer Lynn. Woman’s name changed to Jennifer Lynn Rogers.

Flores, Darlene R. and Marco A.

Gisby, Shelley L. and Nathan S.

Higgins, Courtney Leigh and Todd Allan. Woman’s name changed to Courtney Leigh McNabb.

Johnson, Kandi K. and Bradford D.

Kandoll, Katrina Lynn and John Henry.

Kludt, Tracy Lee and Rebecca.

Martinez, Manuel Martinez and Rebecca Diaz.

McCann, Jenifer and Tyler.

McCormick, Donald E. and Janet E.

Middleswart, Kiyoko and Todd. Woman’s name changed to Kiyoko Okayasu.

Neth, Marisa and Joseph. Woman’s name changed to Marisa Vachon.

Newnham, Thomasina and Gary Wayne. Woman’s name changed to Thomasina Bomers-Flores.

Oakes, Jamie Marie and Ryan Dean. Woman’s name changed to Jamie Marie Hahn.

O’Donnell, Carrie and Groat, David.

Paynter, Merrie Lynn and Bradley Keith.

Pierce, Kristen E. and Brandon R.

Reis, Dana Lynn and Ryan Walter.

Roeder, Kay and Dwayne.

Rush, Caronwen and Mark.

Schmidt, Allison Elizabeth and Mark Thomas.

Scott, Lynett Ann and Lance Randolph.

Shelayev, Kirill and Ruhiyyih. Woman’s name changed to Ruhiyyih Tufts.

Ventura, Derek and Wright, Crystal.

Wagoner, Christine and Donald III.


Berg, Macie Marie and Keith Randall.

Chaney, LaShawn Lynn and Steven Michael.

Cote, Jill and Jacques.

Erlenbusch, Wayne H. and Nguyen, Van T.

Haberman, Brian L. and Tami R.

Hampton, Charlene D. and Louis M.

Hansen, Jaucelyn and Chris.

Jacobs, Kristine Theresa May and Matthew Joseph.

Middagh, Linda R. and Kevin N.

Sexton, Andrea and David L. Sr.

Skinner, Kathryn K. and Joshua S.

Stanfill, Mia Marie and Larry Allen.

Swanke, Anne M. and Gerald D.

Van Dyke, Suzanne Marie and Brian Howard.


Jarju, Elizabeth Aileen and Bakary.

Marriage licenses


Baxter, Alvin Duane, 39, Vancouver, and Williams, Michelle Rene, 35, Vancouver.

Behr, Andrew Francis, 37, Portland, and Hawes, Christabel Kathleen, 36, Vancouver.

Cutright, Keith Martin, 23, Columbia, S.C., and St. Clair, Brittany Faye, 23, Columbia, S.C.

Gardner, Terry Dee, 62, Yacolt, and Thompson, Constance Lea, 59, Yacolt.

Goldbeck, Harry Arthur, 36, Vancouver, and Cochenour, Chelsea Marie, 31, Vancouver.

Lorntson, Erik Jon, 33, Portland, and Iarossi, Christina Lea, 33, Portland.

Mason, Todd Joseph, 25, Happy Valley, Ore., and Hunsinger, Tiana Lynne, 25, Vancouver.

Narvel, Jordan Andrew, 25, Vancouver, and Stanley, Ashley Marie, 20, Vancouver.

Nolasco, Daniel James, 63, Vancouver, and Gonzales, Soledad Medina, 54, Vancouver.

Pitel, Jesse Scott, 21, Brush Prairie, and Taylor, Michelle Joann, 19, Vancouver.

Price, Larry William, 23, Camas, and Lachney, Rachelle Jaynette, 19, Camas.

Rushing, Adam Michael, 22, Ridgefield, and Poukkula, Ashley Nichole, 21, Ridgefield.


Barbara, Thomas Michael, 56, Portland, and Stinson, Ann Marie, 48, Portland.

Buck, Robert Michael Jr., 32, Amboy, and Kingdon, Laura Sue, 30, Amboy.

Carlton, Lawrence Lee, 46, Vancouver, and Davidson, Wileen De, 44, Vader.

Clark, Mark Timothy, 45, Lacey, and Fakler, Kareen Kay, 42, Battle Ground.

Elston, Christopher Aaron, 27, Battle Ground, and Pierson, Natalie Kay, 24, Battle Ground.

Estep, Gunnar Arlin, 56, Gresham, Ore., and Arn, Margo Kae, 53, Woodland.

Gonzales, Mark Manuel, 30, Vancouver, and Brockway, Paige Stephanie, 29, Vancouver.

Grove, Rustin William, 24, Vancouver, and Wahedi, Laila Areen, 22, Beaverton, Ore.

Hages, Chris Daniel, 43, Vancouver, and Bennett, Theresa Deanne, 36, Vancouver.

Hammerstrom, Nickolas Scott, 19, Battle Ground, and Kangas, Jeana Marie, 18, Amboy.

Herrington, Kenneth Andrew, 27, Vancouver, and Ahola, Amber Dawn, 26, Vancouver.

Hudson, John Douglas, 59, Medford, Ore., and Burns, Margaret Mary, 62, Medford, Ore.

Kennedy, Joseph Edward, 57, Ridgefield, and Crapsi, Sheri Aileen, 58, Ridgefield.

Murrell, Jacob Abraham, 35, Vancouver, and Jones, Shelly Ann, 48, Vancouver.

Nellsch, Dustin Michael Brooks, 20, Moses Lake, and Delossantos, Ashley Lasha, 20, Moses Lake.

Pirkl, Drew Anthony, 21, Vancouver, and Lushenko, Kiersten Ann, 23, Vancouver.

Pitchford, Jamin Lee, 26, Camas, and Barnes, Terah Nichole, 23, Camas.

Pratnicki, Stanley James, 36, Portland, and Taylor, Kimberly Kay, 38, Portland.

Setters, Ray Allen, 43, Keizer, Ore., and Yun, Jin, 42, Vancouver.

Shampine, Kerry Francis, 51, Vancouver, and Phillips, Christine Kaye, 42, Vancouver.

Smith, Herbert Thomas IV, 30, Portland, and Weiland, Danielle Lorraine, 26, Portland.

Villanueva, Jonathon Michael, 19, Vancouver, and Strid, Brooklen Lee, 18, Vancouver.

Wansing, Daniel Robert, 36, Tacoma, and Whittecar, Drue Ann, 45, Skamania.

Xavier, Aaron, 27, Vancouver, and Frye, Trenna Jolene, 25, Vancouver.

Young, Timothy Lee, 43, Vancouver, and Lopez, Amity Lee, 38, Vancouver.