Letter: Main decision was unanimous



While I usually accept slanted editorials and reporting as a bias of either the reporter, commentator or editor, I do believe the June 23 editorial cartoon by R.J. Matson is a deliberate falsification and a direct affront to five of the Supreme Court justices. The cartoon depicts the nine justices with five wearing Wal-Mart vests with the words: “How may I help you?” Possibly Matson did not read the decision issued by the Supreme Court, or possibly his political bias is such that lying about the decision is acceptable. However, a newspaper with integrity should ensure even political cartoons are not obvious lies.

For those not interested enough to read a Supreme Court decision the justices voted unanimously, 9-0, to overturn the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision certifying the class-action status. Four justices dissented on certain specific discrimination issues but that does not change the unanimous decision in favor of Wal-Mart. Personally I do not trust any politician regardless of policy, but allowing clearly biased, slanted and deceitful editorial cartoons only adds credibility to the conservative statement of liberal media bias.

Larry Hellie