Letter: Don’t ask government to take control



Do we really need more government control simply because the average American has no backbone to do what is best for themselves? I refer to David Danback’s June 27 letter, “Stop selling tobacco.”

I smoked for 30 years and quit 12 years ago because I made the decision to put the cigarettes down and walk away from them. No, it wasn’t easy and for more than a year I thought of smoking every day. At times I had to take it one hour at a time because I truly craved smoking, but I knew if I took just one hit I would be a smoker again.

When the government takes control of an aspect of our lives, we tend to blame it for our failures. By taking control the government is inviting future lawsuits because, “they didn’t do enough to protect me from myself.” How absurd.

As long as we’re on the subject, where are the graphic photos of diseased livers, abused wives and children or crushed vehicles with mangled bodies on the labels of beer, wine and liquor? As long as our elected officials can be persuaded by campaign donations, only the agendas of the few who can pay will be represented.

Margie Corbin