Letter: Private business needs no public help



Private business needs no public help

Mom, apple pie and baseball. Who’s against those? The question is who should pay for them. Mom comes free. I’ll pay for the pie. Team owners should pay for the baseball. I’ll buy tickets when I go but I shouldn’t pay if I don’t go. You wouldn’t pay for the movie house if you didn’t go to the movie.

What’s being proposed is that we pay for something that a private for-profit business will own. If this entertainment tax is levied, businesses around the county will be paying to fund their competition. Despite what you may have heard, they will be paying it out of their pockets. Some will say, “just raise your prices.” The business people I know already charge what they can and are still having a hard time. Asking them to raise prices means we don’t think they’ve been charging enough. Also, by raising prices they will lose business.

If there is money in the taxpayers’ pockets, I’d much rather see it go to police, fire, emergency services, education, etc., etc., before I even think about giving assistance to a private business.

George Vartanian