Wimbledon considering adding roof to Court 1



WIMBLEDON, England (AP) — Wimbledon eventually could have a second court with a retractable roof.

Having wrapped up a 15-year renovation project, the All England Club is contemplating future work, and one possible change being considered is adding a cover for Court 1.

Centre Court has had a roof since the 2009 tournament.

Wimbledon spokesman Johnny Perkins says that “everything is up for discussion” and adds that “a Court 1 roof can’t be ruled in, but couldn’t be ruled out.”

There are two retractable roofs at the Australian Open, and the French Open says it will have a retractable roof on its main stadium by 2016. The U.S. Tennis Association says it does not plan to put a roof on Arthur Ashe Stadium, the top court for the U.S. Open.