Local people share their connections with Japan




A local man who now teaches English in Japan has contacted The Columbian, and the father of a man in Sendai has done the same.

Here are their words:

“My name is Joshua Wheeler and I’m originally from Vancouver, Washington. I’m a English teacher here in Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan and survived the 8.8 (not 8.9) earthquake that hit yesterday and subsequent after shocks that continue periodically here. I’m just emailing you because I understand it might be hard to know who from Vancouver is living in the effected areas in Japan (if any). As far as where I live– there isn’t any major structural damage, however food & fuel shortages are everywhere. We had a nearly 24 hour black out up here and phones & internet was down for a long time. Luckily things are coming back, but it’s touch and go.

I’m posting most of what happens via facebook: www.facebook.com/r3dragon.

Live the Adventure.”

Joshua attended Fort Vancouver High School, Clark College and Lewis & Clark College in Portland.

Another report from him is expected today.

Kent Graham of Vancouver sent this note:

“Just a local angle to the international story. Our son, Tristan Graham, is in Sendai. He is safe, but his iPhone battery is dead with no electricity to charge it. I am currently out of town in Bellingham, but will return by tomorrow evening. If you are interested, I will copy/paste info from our Facebook page.”

An updated report from Graham about his son is expected later today.