Note to our readers: Changes to the news carousel




Dear readers,

You may have already noticed a change to the rotating news carousel at the top of our home page. We’re trying this new design in order to better serve a wide variety of browsers, including Internet Explorer 9. The design changes also come in response to user testing that our web development team conducted recently on the home page.

The new carousel also expands the total number of articles that we can feature at any given time beyond our standard three. We hope this will help keep things fresh for you and bring to light some of our best content that would otherwise sometimes get buried on the site.

Expect to see more than breaking news or featured stories in the carousel. We’ll experiment with highlighting different types of stories, blog entries, opinion pieces, photo galleries and other interesting content in the prime position on the site. You’ll also see more regional and national stories from the wire rotating through the mix.

We’ll let your response (measured in pageviews and comments) guide our decisions along with our editors’ best news judgment. So let us know what you think!


~Libby Tucker, Web Editor

Twitter: @LibbyTucker