Teens join to make a contribution



Teens join to make a contribution

People don’t always think of positive things to say when describing middle-school students. When given the opportunity, my class has changed lives.

Last December, we took a field trip to the “Real. Life.” exhibit presented by Medical Teams International in Tigard, Ore. We saw what people around the world have to go through every day just to survive. The exhibit inspired my class, and we then knew we had the power to help.

We heard about Hope Kits and decided that was the best way to give back. Hope Kits are packaged hygiene materials that are sent to places where they are needed. My class successfully completed 253 Hope Kits that will be sent to families around the world affected by natural disasters. I think it is very powerful what we have done. This is what we are passionate about, and we had enough determination to pull it off.

I couldn’t be more proud of my peers and what we have achieved. Just weeks ago I learned that positive change is possible with enough determination and drive. I think that all teens can make an impact if they are given an opportunity.

Jennifer Hafer

La Center