Letter: Fish-run lessons should be obvious



Summer is just around the corner, and the sockeye salmon and upper river steelhead will be entering the Columbia River. Last year, our state Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists were at a loss for an explanation of why the runs were at a record. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. There is no commercial netting of these two run of fish.

If they can’t figure this out, maybe we should hire the fish and game biologists from one of the Midwest states. These biologists don’t seem to be having any problems with their salmon and steelhead runs. There are dams on some of their rivers but no commercial nets or sea lions. These Midwest states actually have become a better place to fish for salmon and steelhead than Washington and Oregon. Where did these states get the eggs to start their runs of fish? The eggs came from right here in Washington. What does that say about our own state biologists?

Richard E. Jones