Letter: Clearing the air on power lines



A tremendous amount of information has been delivered to the public this last year by county commissioners, state representatives, senators and citizen groups about the Bonneville Power Administration I-5 corridor project. Members of Another Way BPA and associate groups Citizens Against The Towers and the Yale Valley Coalition, of which I am a coordinator, would like to clear the air on some of those issues.

Our groups have and always will promote a more easterly route through the timberlands, meaning Weyerhauser, Longview Fibre, DNR, PacifiCorp. The grey line is not a currently proposed line, but a suggested timberland route. Our groups created this suggested swath and we have never suggested that any line go anywhere populated urban or rural. ( Go to http://www.nowaybpa.com/ for information on the 7/27/10 meeting). “No lines in populated areas” is our mantra.

Our groups believe electromagnetic fields are and will always be suspect, as long as you can walk under the lines with a fluorescent shop light in your hand and have it light up (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zGnfL_Cc7M). Yes, it is possible to find scientists on both sides, but there is no absolute science on this issue. In other states, they err on the side of safety, especially for children and schools, by having a 350-foot setback.

Ardie Stein