Making music especially for Mom

Local musicians who are mothers suggest songs




More information about these artists can be found at The Moes, Britnee Kellogg's Facebook Page, Misty River Band's website, Misty Mama's website, Celtic Muse's website and Lyrica Press

If you’re scrambling for last-minute ideas on ways to make today special for your mother, consider music.

A mom-themed playlist can help set the tone for Mother’s Day, and local musicians who are also mothers have suggested songs to include. They span a range of genres, so hopefully there’s something to suit most moms’ tastes.

Britnee Kellogg

Frontwoman for the Brit Kellogg Band and a singer with the group 5 Guys Named Moe, Kellogg is a fan of country music. The Vancouver mother of 3-year-old Caiden Conboy and 1-year-old Hudson Conboy looks to country artists who are also mothers, women such as Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Lee Ann Womack and Martina McBride, for examples of songs about the parent-child relationship.

A favorite is McEntire’s “You’re Gonna Be,” off her 2005 album “Reba #1’s.”

“This song talks about making sure your kids know how much you believe in them, and that no matter what choices they make in life, you’re always going to love them,” Kellogg said.

Another pick is McBride’s “In My Daughter’s Eyes,” off her 2003 album “Martina.”

“It just talks about how your children look up to you so much, but yet we are really the ones who look up to them. They are so perfect and innocent. They see everyone beautifully, and we would love to have hearts like theirs,” Kellogg said.

She also recommends “I Hope You Dance,” the title track off Womack’s 2000 album.

“This song is so beautiful and reminds me of bringing my kids up to know that they can achieve their dreams and do anything they put their hearts and minds to,” Kellogg said.

Kellogg also is working on an original song about her boys called “Baby Blues,” a nod to their blue eyes.

Carol Harley

Harley and her daughter, Laura Quigley Morin, perform together in the acoustic Americana band Misty River. Vancouver resident Harley also is a member of the bluegrass-gospel group Misty Mamas.

Between original tunes and covers, Misty River and Misty Mamas have several songs that capture the Mother’s Day spirit, Harley said.

One is “Box of Lace,” by Misty River member Chris Kokesh. It’s off the band’s 2004 recording, “Willow,” and speaks to a mother’s faith in and support for her daughter.

Another is “The Land of 10,000 Mothers,” by singer-songwriter Cosy Sheridan. Misty Mamas covered the song on its 2009 album, “Wild Rose of the Mountain.”

“It describes many of the best qualities of a mother but also speaks to hope for a better world,” Harley said.

Misty Mamas also covers the Carter Family song “Will My Mother Know Me There?” The group performs it live and plans to include it on a future recording.

“It’s about your life and how you’ve lived it and how your mother is already is heaven, and hoping to meet her there,” Harley said.

Jennifer Pratt-Walter

More information about these artists can be found at The Moes, Britnee Kellogg’s Facebook Page, Misty River Band’s website, Misty Mama’s website, Celtic Muse’s website and Lyrica Press

The first songs that come to mind for Vancouver’s Pratt-Walter when she thinks about Mother’s Day are lullabies. The harpist with the duo Celtic Muse and mother to twins Brian and Harold and daughter Rowan pointed to the Welsh tune “All Through the Night” as an example. It’s included as a track on her first solo album, “Ancient Realms,” which she released in 1998.

“It’s very tender and reflects that unconditional love a mother has for her child,” Pratt-Walter said.

On her recently released solo album, “Ancient Slumbers,” Pratt-Walter included the Welsh lullaby “Suo Gan,” as well as songs dedicated to her children.

“The Rowan Tree” is a piece Pratt-Walter arranged for her daughter, and “A New Day Has Dawned” was written for Harold.

Writing songs for her family is a special experience for Pratt-Walter.

“To try to capture a meaningful part of someone’s personality through music is the ultimate gift someone can give,” she said.