Oregon trucker fined more than $44,000

Deputies say he ignored restricted weight signs



On Wednesday, May 11, 2011, at approximately 2:00 p.m. Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy, Mark Nikoli, witnessed an excessively large truck hauling an enormously large piece of heavy excavating equipment along a posted and restricted portion of Bakers Ferry Road, in Barton.

Deputy Nikoli was surprised to witness this large of a fully-loaded vehicle operating along this restricted portion of SE Bakers Ferry Road, in Barton. This portion of the Bakers Ferry roadway is currently under severe stress created by slide activity – it is very unstable.

Responsibly, the Clackamas County Road Department prominently posted and restricted this portion of Bakers Ferry Road from heavy loaded vehicles; starting at Barton Park — to SE Eaden Road.

Truckers should be aware this portion of the roadway now has a strictly enforced 13-ton weight limit.

Deputy Nikoli stopped this overweight vehicle and summoned the Clackamas County Weighmaster, Kevin Peterson to the scene.

The Weighmaster arrived and conducted his on scene investigation. Peterson determined the offending vehicle was standing on the roadway at 172,000 thousand pounds — that is calculated at 146,000 pounds over weight. (Photos Attached)

And, that excessive weight translates into a traffic citation — in accordance with an Oregon State statute and fine — totaling $44,345.00.

The driver of the offending vehicle is identified as Kenneth Caves, 30, of Prineville, Oregon. The driver is employed by Western Heavy Hauling, with a business address in Prineville too.

The Clackamas County Weighmaster had this to say, “This company (Western Heavy Hauling) was unfortunately attempting to deliver this heavy load of equipment to a specific location in the area by using this prohibited portion of roadway. Had this company contacted our Clackamas County Road Department beforehand, we would have been able to identify and allow access along an alternate, non-restricted route of travel; enabling the load to be delivered seamlessly.”

Kenneth Caves is cited to appear in Clackamas County Justice Court on this matter July, 12th, 2011 at 10:30 a.m.