Letter: Interest in urban forests encouraged



As an urban forester with the city of Vancouver, I must say that hearing young community members such as Alex Morris, in his May 14 letter, “Let trees flourish as nature intended,” express a strong support for trees is encouraging. Trees benefit our community and our quality of life in so many ways. As Morris wrote, they provide us with clean air and water, essential to our health. The city strives to protect trees and, where removal is allowed, ensure replanting of proper new trees.

Recently, trees were removed near the 136th Avenue and Mill Plain intersection as part of two projects — a private development of a former airfield and a public safety improvement project. I want to assure Morris that new trees will be planted. The city will be planting 32 new trees after the intersection widening is complete. The private development will be planting more than 1,200 new trees.

The city and our citizen Urban Forestry Commission recognize the benefits of trees, and the need to protect healthy, mature trees. Our efforts include free hands-on workshops about trees and their proper care, as well as neighborhood tree plantings. We appreciate Morris’ love of trees, and invite him and others to get involved in caring for our urban forest. You can find information at http://www.cityofvancouver.us/urbanforestry.

Charles Ray