Talking Points: Interleague run its course?



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


For or against interleague play in baseball?

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times weighs in:

With each passing year, it seems, the anti-interleague sentiment is growing. What was wildly popular when instigated by commissioner Bud Selig in 1997 has gradually become a prime source of grousing and whining.

Now, as the 15th season of interleague play commenced this weekend, you have Detroit manager Jim Leyland using words like “ridiculous” to critique the format and concluding, “I think it was something that was certainly a brilliant idea to start with. But I think it’s run its course.”

Interleague isn’t going anywhere, because fans do like it, even if they do their own share of grousing and whining.

(Read Larry Stone’s column by clicking here.)


Another year, another year without a Triple Crown winner.

As Associated Press columnist Jim Litke wrote Sunday: “A Triple Crown never seemed more mythical than it did the moment Shackleford barreled across the finish line at the Preakness late Saturday afternoon with Kentucky Derby winner Animal Kingdom right on his tail.

“… to a sport that needs a superstar in the worst way, and hasn’t seen one since Affirmed swept it biggest series in 1978, it guaranteed another year without one.”

Guarantee this, if and when another horse finds all three jewels, that horse will be celebrated like no other.