Letter: Doubt cast on BPA cooperation



We, the residents of Southwest Washington, recognize the smoke and mirrors with BPA’s pretense of “transparency” and “regional responsiveness.” Despite pro and con, the need is California’s, being met by marketers trading Canadian and Northwest power through BPA’s system. A BPA lawyer, testifying before the California Public Utilities Commission, stated it would be very difficult to build new lines in areas where the citizens see no direct benefit. We know full well that this line would provide no direct benefit to us.

We know BPA hopes to gain political capital with a meaningless “non-wire” alternatives study, with ideas like building generators south of Portland, importing power from California during the summer or games with dispatch and curtailments while they continue on with their misconceived plan. The Energy and Environmental Economics report is double-speak — non-wires may be possible, but plan for wires.

Sufficient doubt has been cast on the justification for this boondoggle, we expect BPA to comply with a simple regional demand for no lines in populated areas, put them far east in timber lands or west in Oregon where they really belong. We refuse to let them put Canadian and corporate interests over our interests.

Judith Ibbs