Letter: Follow example set by ‘Big Business’



Let’s run Social Security like a big oil company. We can insist on record profits for the fund and we can also demand a kickback from the rest of the government to sweeten the pot. We can do this by taking the cost of Social Security and adding 20 percent to it and passing that on to everyone. Oh, and if the costs go up we will instantly pass those additional costs on and make sure we add that 20 percent just to keep those profits up. Then Big Social Security can go to the government and say that it is un-American not to give us a little extra to make sure we can keep making record profits.

Step two, we’ll run Medicare like a health insurance company. We will make sure we pay less than 80 percent of our money on actual health care and we’ll pay our CEO tens of millions of dollars. We’ll make sure we can raise our rates 18 to 30 percent every year just so we can complain about the rising cost of health care while maintaining premium increases 10 times the rate of inflation. We can also make sure that the elderly who are not smart enough to stay healthy lose their coverage so we don’t have to pay for them.

Yep, that sounds better than the raising the payroll tax 2.15 percent for Social Security and 1 percent for Medicare to keep the current system fully funded.

Joe Moody