Letter: Lay blame on administration in power



I am tired of reading the letters complaining about Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas. She’s been in Congress barely six months, but according to some of you, she’s always wrong, she’s voting the wrong way, it’s her fault we’re in the recession and all the problems in the U.S. are her fault.

What about Sen. Patty Murray, D-Vancouver? She’s been in Congress for 18 years. Aren’t we in the Obama health care mess, the recession mess, the whole country mess because of Murray’s votes? The Republicans and George W. Bush haven’t been in charge for two years. Democrats and President Obama have been, yet all this mess is still the fault of Herrera Beutler and Bush and the Republicans? Get real — use the standards equally and place the blame where it really belongs.

Sharon Gutz