UPDATE: SWAT team surrounds Fircrest home, finds DV suspect miles to the east

Suicidal man found at Heritage Park in Fisher's Landing, injured, expected to survive




Heavily armed SWAT team officers late Tuesday night were trying to negotiate with a man who, they believed, barricaded himself in a house with several guns in Vancouver’s Fircrest neighborhood, north of Evergreen Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Hours later, however, officers were told that a “ping” from the man’s cellphone had placed him in the area of Southeast 29th Street and 170th Avenue, at Heritage Park in Fisher’s Landing. And, shortly before midnight, it appeared the man had been found in Heritage Park and officers radioed for an ambulance to rush to the scene.

Police also radioed that they had confirmed that the man they found at Heritage Park was the man they were looking for. Jeffrey M. Conrad is 33.

It was unclear how Conrad had become injured, but he had reportedly been suicidal earlier in the day. No one was believed shot and Conrad was expected to survive, a 911 dispatcher said just before midnight.

In the beginning, earlier Tuesday night, officers came to the home in the 11500 block of Northeast 14th Street to arrest Conrad on a previously issued warrant, an official said.

When he refused to come out, officers called for SWAT team members and armored equipment.

Officers radioed that the man was believed to be in the attic and armed with handguns, according to emergency radio traffic monitored at The Columbian. It appeared that the man was facing domestic violence charges and had a history of previous DV charges.

As of 10 p.m., no gunshots or injuries had been reported.

Officers took positions around the home and were trying to speak with Conrad and convince him to come out safely.

Officers were telling some neighbors to stay away from windows because they’d be in the line of fire if Conrad emerged from the attic and garage and fired gunshots.

Officers began using loudspeakers to try and make contact with Conrad. They were telling him he was under arrest and to come outside unarmed.

About 10:30 p.m., officers radioed that the Conrad was believed to be armed with three handguns and a rifle, according to his girlfriend.

Also, officers radioed that he had told his girlfriend he’d shoot himself if he was contacted by police again.

An officer radioed that officers were speaking with Conrad on the phone.

About 11:30 p.m., officers used flash-bang grenades at the home, and were about to deploy gas, then learned Conrad wasn’t there.

Officers were told dispatchers had received a location “ping” from Conrad’s cell phone and he was elsewhere.

With the ping, officers moved their focus several miles away to Southeast 29th Street an 170th Avenue, in the area of Heritage Park. Officers said Conrad was believed to be walking in the area and it’s possible he was armed.

Officers were told Conrad was suicidal and that weapons from his house hadn’t been accounted for. Also that, when he spoke on the phone he was crying and talking about who should have custody of his children.

Conrad later was found injured in Heritage Park.

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