Talking Points: Aardsma connects with fans



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


David Aardsma knows Seattle sports fans well.

The Seattle Mariners relief pitcher posted Monday on his Twitter account @TheDA53: “What % of Seattle is rooting for a mavswin tonight? I’m thinking 100%”

That let to an offer.

Anyone who tweet him back before tipoff with the combined point total in the Mavericks-Thunder playoff game — and provided the Mavericks won — Aardsma would give away two tickets for Saturday’s Mariners-Yankees game at Safeco Field.

Two tweeters tied, but one couldn’t go so that individual offered the tickets to the other winner. Aardsma agreed provide tickets to game at a later date for the winner who couldn’t go this Saturday.

Now that’s social networking.


We at Talking Points agree that “professional” wrestling is more entertainment than sport.

But Yahoo! Sports blogs posted a sobering entry on Monday about pro wrestling. The headline was “Over 25 percent of the performers from Wrestlemania VII have died.”

Blogger Chris Chase was using information from The Wrestling Observer newsletter that pointed out 14 of the 51 performers at the event have died. Many attributed to drug use.

Chase wrote, “As points out, none of the 44 starters from the Super Bowl played in 1991 have passed away and only two of 44 boxers who held a championship belt that year are gone.”

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