Letter: Humans can be heartless



I have lost my faith in the human race. I was horrified to witness a mallard duck and her ducklings attempt to cross St. Johns Road during the busy morning commute. The ducklings waited on the sidewalk while their mother walked out on the street attempting to guide her family to the pond on the other side. Cars either raced past or actually drove right over her, straddling her between the tires. She lay crouched on the road, afraid to move.

It saddened me to witness countless cars speed past this horrified creature. If just one car had stopped to help me get this duck family safely across the road I would have been grateful, but no one did. I didn’t want to be a statistic along with the ducks by endangering my own life so instead I reluctantly continued to work and phoned animal control. The woman who answered was just as horrified to hear about this scene and said an officer would go out to help. Thank goodness for this wonderful organization.

I don’t know what happened to the duck family.

I hope they safely reached their destination. But, for all those heartless people who chose to do nothing to help, shame on you.

Leslie Rogers