Letter: Single-payer system has advantages



In recent years there has been an increased focus on the issue of health insurance. Recently Congress has debated single-payer health care and I believe we must act on this bill. Even though we are the richest country in the world, our nation’s health insurance continues to decline. To begin repairing it, we must implement single-payer insurance and ensure regulation of health care.

In order for the single-payer health care to be effective, it first needs somewhere for the coverage to begin. For a small increase of federal taxes, better coverage for everyone could be achieved. This small tax would allow anyone to go to the doctor without fear of a substantial bill.

The government also needs to be wary of where it stands on health insurance. It must take a step back. Instead of attempting to force health insurance upon people, the government must act as more of a referee. For single-payer health insurance to succeed, the government must undergo a radical change in the way health insurance works today.

Tanner Russell