18,000 Tacoma Narrows Bridge tickets mailed



TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — The state’s new contractor for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge has sent out 18,000 backlogged infractions, crowding their Gig Harbor office and flaring up tempers from commuters.

The Tacoma News Tribune reports that these mailings had been stopped in February while Electronic Transaction Consultants Corp. took over managing customer service and electronic toll accounts. The infractions cost $52 for failing to pay.

Commuters using these tolls can have accounts that pay their toll when the drive across the bridge. But customer complaints have followed the new contractor. The complaints are usually with customer service and online accounts.

Washington state transportation officials say that they’ve only identified one problem with the electronic accounts affecting 200 people, but remain disappointed.

A state lawmaker has called for meetings to address the commuters’ complaints.

ETTCC will also handle the electronic tolls for the 520 bridge across Lake Washington. The contract in Tacoma is worth $23 million.


Information from: The News Tribune, http://www.thenewstribune.com