Letter: ‘Palestine’ is ruse to defeat Israel



Misinformation about Israel and “Palestine” abounds. The area was ruled by the Turks for 200 years. It was “won” by the British during World War I, who became its overseer. Its Jewish population numbered in excess of 600,000 and after World War II, Jewish survivors of the Holocaust sought sanctuary there.

In 1948 the United Nations partitioned the area into two states. Three-quarters became Jordan and one-quarter became Israel. Before turning over the newly formed state of Israel to the Jews, the Arabs were armed by other nations in hopes that Israel would be crushed. It wasn’t. Jews continued to find a home in Israel, buying up any land that Arab landowners were willing to sell.

In 1967, when the adjacent Arab nations sought to destroy Israel on its holiest day, Yom Kippur, the Israelis defeated them again, taking control of the Golan Heights, Jerusalem, and Gaza. Fearing reprisal, Israeli Arabs fled to bordering Arab countries but were denied citizenship and forced to live in refugee camps, a deplorable condition which exists to this day. The Israelis gave back Gaza but kept Jerusalem as its capital and the Golan Heights for security reasons.

The “Palestinian” issue is a ruse by Arab nations to facilitate the demise of Israel.

Sandra Bennett

La Center