Letter: Aloha spirit is alive in Vancouver



I was raised in Vancouver and moved away years ago but have always thought of it as my small wonderful hometown. I recently returned to Vancouver, as one of my sisters was gravely ill.

My story begins with a visit to a restaurant in Vancouver. My party included another sister and my son; we were going to have a quick lunch and then visit our sick sister/aunt. Before we were able to order I received a phone call that my sister had passed. I explained to our server why we couldn’t stay and we left.

Several hours later we returned. We were famished by then, and were seated at the same table and with the same wait person. She was so gracious and said how sorry she was for our loss. We ate quietly and when it was time to pay our bill, our server said that her manager took care of our dinner tab. We were stunned.

I think it’s necessary to let readers know there are still people in this world who are compassionate and caring. I believe that my hometown still has that small hometown attitude. I wish to thank the server and manager for helping me believe in living the “aloha spirit.”

Katherine White

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii