Letter: Concern over access for all dissent



The Columbian is instituting a new online commenting system, which will require users to have a Facebook account. I understand the newspaper’s concerns. After all, people do get pretty uncivil and you wonder what the point of their lack of civility is. I don’t have a problem with strong debate, but what’s the point of adding “you moron” at the end of a comment?

It seems to be only the extremes on the left and right that do that, though, so that does make me wonder at The Columbian’s objectives. If you don’t have the full spectrum of political thought in a debate, no matter how crass, crude, or angry, how can you have the full mind of the public?

One thing that really does bother me about the change is that people who don’t want to use their real name, or don’t want to use Facebook for any reason, will not be able to comment on stories like the Columbia River Crossing fiasco.

Craig Sayre