Letter: Invest in the care of all Americans



Reading his May 24 column, “Entitlements translate into dependency,” Thomas Sowell sounds like the typical right-wing Republican, the 35- to 44-year-old age group who claim not to have the income of the American upper class. The segment of our population he identified should do without entitlements. Everything being relevant, as he ages and experiences health problems perhaps his short-sighted view will change.

This age group enjoyed 40 years of work practices that supported families, educated children, and invested in retirement. He enjoyed these privileges because his parents worked hard. His generation consumed the fruited growth of our economy and spent every dime made with no dramatic savings because they were buying the latest gadgets.

Thank God the working poor have vehicles to drive to work. Sowell claims people below the poverty line steal luxury items to sell while they consume junk food that makes them overweight. He doesn’t mention technology that astounds us constantly with new gadgets. What a legacy to hand our children — the same population that has more health problems because of nutrition and health care deficiencies.

In the world of reality it is the inherent right for government to take care of its people. It is Sowell’s right yet he wants to throw it away.

Donna McGrew