Load up brain’s bases with baseball facts




Known as America’s pastime, baseball is a sport that captures the hearts of young and old alike.

It inspires kids to join Little League, average citizens to cheer on Minor League favorites, and fans to become rabid followers of Major League superstars. And with all of the talk about wanting to bring a Single A team to Vancouver, this seems like a good time to call out 796.357, the Dewey call number for baseball.

The hard part is choosing a title because if there is one sport that the publishing world adores, it’s baseball. So, out of the many titles available at the library I would like to recommend “Baseball Miscellany.”

Why? Well, not everyone who likes the game knows everything about it.

Ever wondered why you never see the number 42 on players’ uniforms? Or what in the heck a “can of corn” has to do with the game? Or why a “spitball” is illegal? (No, pitchers are not germaphobes.)

This book will answer all these questions plus more! And if one book about baseball is not enough, score a home run by visiting the library — we cover all the bases.

Jan Johnston is the Collection Development Coordinator for the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District. Email her at readingforfun@fvrl.org. She blogs at youbetterreadnow.blogspot.com.