Letter: Take a moment to remember



Many Americans don’t know that this Memorial Day holiday began as Decoration Day. Tombstones of fallen soldiers of the Civil War were decorated with floral displays to honor the soldiers. The Decoration Day grew and became the national holiday we know today to honor all soldiers and sailors that sacrificed so much for our nation.

As a son of a deceased World War II veteran and retired veteran myself, I am prideful yet melancholy. Proud to have served and proud son of a Bata’an Death March survivor. Melancholy, knowing that Memorial Day is celebrated with just a few moments of silent reverence, maybe even prayer, for so many who gave their all.

Please take a moment, ignoring the fervor of the first holiday weekend of the summer season, and think of our soldiers and sailors that won’t be celebrating with us.

Freedom is not free.

Peter L. Williamson