Weather Eye: Holiday weekend weather wasn’t all bad; sun on its way?



How would you rank the long holiday weekend, weather-wise? OK, maybe that wasn’t a fair question. I know we had lots of clouds and a few scattered showers and it was cool — as in way below average for this time of the year. But there were some sunny periods Saturday and Monday, just not the nice clear skies, sunshine and warm temperatures one thinks about with a summertime holiday.

And I know it is officially spring for another few weeks — although tomorrow, June 1, is considered summer for us in the weather and climate business. I think our weather is lagging about a month behind at least so it may be a while before we catch up to what is considered “normal.”

Medium-range forecast models on Monday afternoon show a very warm air mass Friday and Saturday with temperatures capable of surpassing the 80-degree mark. However, that is based upon an upper low spinning off the coast to settle in towards California. If the low moves elsewhere, all bets are off. The way this year has gone, anything beyond two or three days out is a risky forecast.

So meanwhile, we limp through a couple more days of cool and showery weather, maybe a thunderstorm, and we’ll see how the weekend develops. Maybe we will be lucky. We sure are due, that’s for sure.

The end of May is upon us and the local weather observers will be compiling their monthly rainfall and sending them in this week. I will present them in a future column. As of 5 p.m. Monday, the official rainfall tally for Vancouver was 3.01 inches, about one-half of an inch above average. Not surprising, eh?

At least Fairbanks, Alaska, is down from the mid-80s into the mid-70s and I don’t feel quite as envious. Although the majority of Alaska was warmer than Vancouver on Monday.

Enjoy your week, everyone.

Pat Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at