Letter: Let’s bring pro baseball to Vancouver



Clark County should jump at the opportunity to have professional baseball in Vancouver. Minor league baseball is entertaining for all ages. Having attended a couple of Yakima Bears games last summer, I can say that this is one of the best-run operations I have ever seen. It was fun watching the young future Major League Baseball stars compete.

There is no reason for the local neighborhood to be overly concerned. The proposed location seems ideal with parking at Clark College already available. The I-5 freeway creates more noise than the stadium will. In fact, being in walking distance should only increase the neighborhood’s value.

The proposal for an entertainment fee on various event tickets is a great way to fund the county portion of the stadium. The value you and your family get from baseball is a lower-cost option than the movies and concerts. Admission and food are generally less than you pay at the movies and other events making this low-cost quality family fun.

Baseball is a business like any other. This means local jobs and tax revenue for the city and county. We attend a dozen Mariners games in Seattle every year and would love to spend some of that money here in Vancouver instead if we have the chance.

Stafford Campbell