Letter: Cut everything, but please don’t tax



I thank the Washington state Legislature and Congress for not raising my taxes. Since I live on a fixed, albeit pretty good, income, higher taxes would cut severely into my hors d’oeuvres bill.

Raising taxes is as important as cutting spending only if your goal is a balanced budget. After all, any budget has both a revenue side and an expense side. But if we don’t mind sliding downhill and leaving our children and grandchildren with a whopping bill for the tax cuts, financial industry bailouts and war expenses our generation racked up, by all means, ignore the revenue side. That will give you politicians the short-term votes you want and maintain me in pinot noir and sushi.

And why raise my taxes when you can keep cutting back on education? Being old, I’ll probably die before our kids graduate ignorant enough to lose our republic. So why should I care? I’ll pop many a cork before that happens.

Cut education, cut Medicare, cut home care, cut family planning, cut funding for the arts. Cut, cut, cut. Just don’t tax. Continue to govern us like Max Pruss landed the Hindenburg. When we explode, you can tell the victims that not every decision was perfect. In the meantime, what, me worry?

Joel Littauer