Letter: Negativity delays practical progress



Now the naysayers are taking potshots at the parking garages for light rail. A May 26 story reported “Proposed parking garages criticized.” I am really tired of all the criticism that has been leveled at the Columbia River Crossing. I have been waiting since 1995 for light rail. We have been arguing about it for 15 years now. What is the problem, Vancouver? I just don’t get it.

I have never met anti-tolls activist David Madore, but I don’t appreciate his one-man campaign to kill the new bridge, which we so badly need, and to kill light rail, which would link us to the entire Portland metro area with modern convenient transportation.

Mostly what I resent is the negativity directed at this worthy project — a new bridge with light rail. Let’s quit bickering about it and let them start building it. I don’t really care whether there are tolls or not. Let’s get moving.

Roger Cole