Letter: Build options for visitors to spend



An Oct. 25 story reported, “CRC project would level Lucky Lager building.” I cannot believe the Columbia River Crossing wants to demo the historical building at Fourth and Columbia streets to build a parking lot for light rail (which we in Vancouver have voted down in the past) in order to keep another lot planned at Fifth and Columbia streets from being built too tall. They are concerned that the tall parking structure would block the view of guests at the Hilton Hotel. How many people sit it their rooms at a hotel and look out the window? I don’t; I get out on the town.

Build the structure on the empty lot, block the view, and the guests will get out of their room because they don’t have a view and will spend some money in Vancouver. What is better — having guests out on the town spending money or sitting in a room looking out the window at the Interstate 5 bridge?

Paul Nelson

Hazel Dell