Occupy Portland campers ousted from federal plaza



For the second time, police in Portland have dislodged protesters who tried to expand the Occupy Portland encampment.

Before dawn Tuesday, city officers helped Federal Protective Service agents clear a federal plaza next to two city parks where a tent city sprang up on Oct. 6.

The police said later Tuesday morning that 10 people were arrested, and their tents removed. Nine were later released and one remained in custody because of an outstanding warrant.

That followed the arrests early Sunday of 27 people who refused to leave a park in the gentrified Pearl District.

The city has allowed protesters to camp on two city-owned park blocks but said they can’t occupy more.

“I wanted to make sure it was done peacefully: I approved the feds’ request for assistance,” said Mayor Sam Adams in a tweet.

Lt. Robert King said police moved on Terry Schrunk Plaza at 4 a.m. so people would be sleeping and few cars would be on the streets.

“It definitely got a little tense, maybe heated.” King told The Oregonian (http://bit.ly/rpJBZb ). “Tensions didn’t rise to the point where we used any kind of force. I don’t feel that most of the people with Occupy Portland want to have a confrontation with police.”

Some protesters told the paper the expansion was a distraction, others, such as Jason Sayer, 40, of Portland, criticized what they called a military-style police operation.

King said those arrested would face federal charges.

On Monday, filmmaker Michael Moore praised the Portland version of the movement protesting corporate influence in government and wealth inequality.

“I’ve been to many of the occupations across this country, New York, L.A., San Francisco, and this is by far the largest occupation I have seen,” Moore said. The crowd of several hundred cheered.

A group protesting proposed coal export terminals in the Northwest staged a Halloween “zombie” march to Bank of America branches in downtown Portland.

Police arrested one man in zombie makeup after a bank employee identified him as the person who left a red substance and pieces of paper stuck to glass in the lobby. Sgt. Pete Simpson said Tim Swenson, 27, was arrested for investigation of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

In Eugene, Occupy Eugene spent another night on University of Oregon property Monday but the group may be moving to another city park.